Impactful Branding for Female Entrepreneurs

We don’t just design pretty logos (although they always are).

A strong brand isn’t just visuals. We work on your brand promise, messaging, voice, positioning, AS WELL as the pretty things AND making sure they are consistent across ALL of your marketing. It’s no good if your brand says ‘professional and traditional’ on one platform but ‘fun and sweary’ on another.

mixed messages = mixed results
impactful messages = strong results

Branding for Female Entrepreneurs isn’t all blush pink & peonies

Most of our lovely clients come to us looking for a shiny new website and maybe a new logo.

Yay! We love websites and logos … but we know that squishing your details into a templated site or designing a website that looks stunning, but doesn’t WORK for your business, won’t help you build that dream business.

We need to create you a brand that works hard to:

  • StarlistAttract the right people
  • Starlist Engage with your audience
  • StarlistBuild trust and confidence
  • StarlistMake you MONEY!
Not just a pretty face, our high-converting brands are client magnets

The Be Magic recipe for magnetic branding

We’ll mix together the right magic ingredients to create a strategic brand for your business to make sure you get more of the right clients, help more of the right people and spread your message like a magic enchantment through the land.*

This magical blend ensures you’re stylish, you’re impactful, you’re magnetic AND most importantly, your brand makes you money.

*we don’t do love potions, but the effect is remarkably similar


Your brand needs to say the right things

We’ll uncover the magic words and visuals to unlock your authentic brand personality so you can engage with your audience and communicate with them consistently to compel them to take action.


Your brand needs to bewitch the right people – instantly!

We’ll create you a stunning visual identity that stops your ideal customer in their tracks! Your business needs to look exceptional, unique, expert, professional, fun … and worth every penny … in just one glance. We’ll make sure you make the right impression!

Your brand magic ingredients

Your magic brand toolkit – you’ve got the power

It’s no use us making things look good if you can’t weave your magic branding spells yourself. Which means that you get a full tool kit, jampacked with design assets, templates, image files, fonts and an essential style guide so you know exactly how to create your own branding magic.

Logo design

Logo design

colours and font design

colours and fonts

patterns and background design

patterns and textures



social post templates

social templates


book of branding magic

Every single brand we create is unique because every single client we support is different.

BUT we know exactly how to extract your magic and weave it into magnetic brand that makes money. We’ve designed successful brands for accountants, health professionals, coaches and big brand personalities, and we LOVE to design something that is perfect for each one, for each audience.

Unlike most designers out there we don’t have a house ‘style’ or work with templates – each and every brand design is as unique, empowering, fun and froliksome as you and your vision.

Yes, we’ll be creating some STUNNING visuals for your business. Yes, we’ll be exploring colours and typography.

BUT, most importantly, we’ll be unveiling your true magical potential to the world

We're not normal because you're not normal


Wherever you are on your business journey you’ve found your way here for a reason!

It may be you have part of this work done already, or you’ve been in business for a few years but you’ve plateaued or maybe you’re just starting on your business adventure.

You know there’s something missing in your business right now but it might be that you’re not entirely sure what that missing piece is.

Let us help you.

We’ll build you your own personalised digital roadmap so you aren’t paying for things you don’t need and all the things you do!

Free & Easy...
Increase website sales fixes ebook

15 Profitable Website Fixes for Website Success!

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  • Make it a success!

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sales page cheatsheet

The Sales Page Formula Cheatsheet

If you aren’t currently seeing the sales YOU want, then you’re most likely MISSING at least one of these crucial elements!

Discover the 15 essential sections you need to include on your sales page, the order they need to be in AND what each section needs to focus on so you can get more sales.

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