Online Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business.

Most business owners will get branded, build a website and never look at it again! Let alone have an online marketing strategy to get it working for their business.


We don’t want that for you and it’s exactly what you’ll sidestep by working with Be Magic on your growth strategy.

No more flailing (or maybe you could read failing there).  A cohesive strategy that magically creates growth, get’s results, allows you to help more people and ultimately makes business easy peasy.

More Traffic, More Leads and Sales

New Brand, New Website… now what?

This is where most web designers wave goodbye, or sign you up to a care plan to look after maintenance of your site whilst you go off to market your business elsewhere.

If you’ve just invested in a spanking new website, you need to be able to use it to grow your business. It needs to be a core part of your online marketing strategy – let’s make sure it is!

We are on a mission for our websites to generate bountiful businesses – get set for success!

Online marketing strategy done with you and for you

There are so many things you need to create to grow your business. Sales funnels, video, social media, automations, blogs … the list goes on and on!

But they all take time and expertise to get right AND they all need to work together to work properly.

Leaving you with no time to do what you love to do – the reason you started this business in the first place.

If only you could wave a magic wand and get it all done for you …

…guess what, you can!

As if by magic, our wizarding team can do it all for you


Your magical growth plan

We include everything you need to make your website work hard so you can increase customer loyalty, build a list of raving fans who lurve your brand, boost sales or move your business online.

No juggling different designers, copywriters, SEO experts and marketing gurus. And no rushing to do it all yourself because who else is going to?


We’ll jump on board as your dream design & marketing team and take it all off your hands – no hassle


A website isn’t a one and done. It’s a marketing machine that needs to be USED to build your business. Our digital growth plans take your business to a new level with a targeted digital marketing strategy (yep, including video, social media, content marketing and SEO)

SEO research


Your site may be optimised to go, go, go, but it’s now time to really go to town on upping the visibility of your website for your all-important search terms. What do you want to be found for? Let’s boost your organic traffic!

sales funnels

Sales Funnels

Let’s bring ALL the pieces together, so you know HOW you are going to bring in those leads and convert them to sales. Something about joined up tech / thinking?


Let’s face it, copywriting can be a pain in the %#!! BUT is an essential part of communicating your message. Our Word Weaver will make sure your words get that magical result.


Let’s bring ALL the pieces together, so you know HOW you are going to bring in those leads and convert them to sales. Something about joined up tech / thinking?


Let’s bring ALL the pieces together, so you know HOW you are going to bring in those leads and convert them to sales. Something about joined up tech / thinking?


Wherever you are on your business journey you’ve found your way here for a reason!

It may be you have part of this work done already, or you’ve been in business for a few years but you’ve plateaued or maybe you’re just starting on your business adventure.

You know there’s something missing in your business and online presence right now but it might be that you’re not entirely sure what that missing piece is.

Let us help you.

Whether you already have a website or want us to build a website for you, we can create you your own personalised digital roadmap and online marketing strategy to suit your business goals.

No matter where you are in your business journey, book your free 30-minute Curiosity Consultation to see how we can work together to grow your business online. 

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The Sales Page Formula Cheatsheet

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