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Get that business out of your head and out making an impact in the real world

Discover how an online business can run without the tech headaches

Design a kick-arse website that actually pulls its weight in your business, so you can attract, connect and convert those ideal customers while you get on with the things you love in your business.

Or create a funnel that makes clicking on the final call-to-action irresistible!

Kat Reynolds Founder of Be Magic Online
If it helps you create a smoothly aligned online business, then we help you do it!

Lovely ladies, I just wanna give Kat a HUGE shout out. Back in March Kat built my website and held me together when I got a little stir crazy about all the creative and delivery stuff. This women is a god send. AND not only that, she’s walking through a few tweaks and traffic is going through the roof daily. Sometimes you just need to find the right peeps to hold ya hand!
Big LOVE Kat and thank you!

Jo Grobbelaar


I’m Kat Reynolds, founder & head fairy at Be Magic Online

Chief creator of the Be Magic Online Framework.
…and creative imaginator, problem detangler, magical adventure leader, web weaver and all-round geeky geek.

I created Be Magic Online because, although I’ve helped hundreds of brilliant businesses thrive online, one little fairy can only do so much. I was sad to see so many visionary business owners getting tangled up in the tech or confused at what piece of the online puzzle they were missing. I wanted to give them an easy, hand-holding path from a dream to an impactful online business.

And – after founding my successful brand and website design business, The Business Beautician – I was ready to bring together a hit-team of wizards to do something about it.

Be Magic Online was born – a done-for-you AND done-with-you service that is tailored to get your business from A to B without trying to fit different strategies for different systems together to make it work for you.

I can’t wait to start another magical adventure with you

Kat x

Kat Reynolds
Website Strategist

We work with passionate female entrepreneurs on a mission!

Our clients put their heart and soul into making a difference in their customers’ lives, creating that life-altering transformation, taking charge of their to-do list, sharing their talents or supporting and teaching them the skills to grow. They care deeply about making an impact in the world, even if it is ‘just’ bringing a smile and a giggle to a bigger audience. 

Which is why they are the perfect fit for us. Those genuine, giving people who value our work, value design, and who just happen to be lovely humans too!

We love helping them to bring that sparkle and magic online, unencumbered by overcomplicated tech, digital strategy, the visuals or getting the words spot on for both Mr Google and their audience.

It puts a huge smile on our faces when our clients are able to reach more people and make that change they’ve been dreaming about for years!

More of that please 😀

Website marketing shouldn’t be the ogre in your path to success

“We created Be Magic Online to make your online business adventure a breeze”

Meet our wizards
kat reynolds website strategist

Kat Reynolds

Founder & Head Fairy

Kat loves nothing more than getting into the nitty gritty behind your online business success. As chief imaginator her creative problem solving skills and gorgeous visual solutions will help you build an online brand you (and your customers) will adore.

ALSO LOVES: Sitting in a tree with a novel | knitting in front of Netflix | embarrassing her two teens | killing thousands of evil imps in online games 

Rosie Casson our social media expert

Rosie Casson

Social Magician

With a creative background in art & design, Rosie brings a certain je ne sais quoi to social media management! We all know that building a regular schedule of posting on your channels can fall to the bottom of your pile so let Rosie take the reins so you can focus on the things you love!

ALSO LOVES: Walking on the beach with her dog Poppy | Cuddling her cats in front of a sci-fi movie | Tending to her plant collection | Growing vegetables and fruit in her garden

Sam McCulloch SEO expert

Samantha McCulloch

Google Smith

Sam loves demystifying SEO for small business owners and helping them to get savvy about what tasks are involved. There’s no baffling jargon – Sam will work alongside your business to ensure that not only will your website get found on Google, it will be found by your target audience.

ALSO LOVES: Getting down the gym lifting weights and growing me some muscles | learning to meditate and be zen | people watching

Stu Chandler Tech and wordpress Wizard

Stu Chandler

Tech Wizard

An active coder with a degree in Business and IT and a head for databases, I love nothing more than a good bit of tech troubleshooting I’m always happy to help to ensure your online presence stays online and works to its optimum!

ALSO LOVES: Morning visits to the local gym | going to church | watching a great horror or thriller | working with several mental health and children’s charities

Emma Holmes copywriting expert

Emma Holmes

Word Weaver

Copy is what creates cash (if we are going to get really blunt about it). The way we relate to, resonate with and be compelled to make purchases all falls back to words. Words are magic, that’s why it’s called spell-ing and Emma is a true magician when it comes to creating compelling and converting copy

ALSO LOVES: Running ridiculously long distances as it’s the perfect opportunity to side step adulting responsibilities for a wee while. She’s also an super passionate about children and young people’s mental health.

If you want to turn your business dream into a reality online, we help you do it.

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