8 ways to get more visitors to your website!

Today I’m going to be sharing 8 really easy tips on how to get more visitors to your website. Which is what websites are all about!

8 Tips to Get More Website Visitors 

These eight tips are not huge things you need to change on your website. I’m not going to be going delving deep into the world of SEO and looking at a load of stats. No, these are really simple tweaks that you can make on your lunch break or just before putting the kids to bed. These are things that you can action in your business really easily to get more visitors to your website. So, if you like what I’m writing about and you want to find out more keep reading! As always, if you’ve got any comments on this topic, leave them below and I will always respond.

Number One: Make sure your website is speedy

We all do it, if it doesn’t load almost immediately we go back to the search results. So, make sure that your website is fast. “How can I do that?” I hear you say! There are a number of different tools out there for this purpose. There’s Pingdom Tools which I really like. Their speed test is very easy to use. GTmetrix is another one you want to may want to try out. Google PageSpeed as well, although I find that’s a little trickier and doesn’t give you as many hints on how to change things. All you need to do is pop your URL into the search on any of these tools and it will give you a list of ways that you can improve your website speed. What you’re looking for is a time of under three seconds. If you can do under five seconds, this could work but if it’s a longer load than that people get turned off. We don’t want that, especially if we’ve invested a lot of time and energy trying to get people to our site.

So, take that list of suggestions from any of these tools and you can either implement some yourself. If you need any help I’ve got other videos and tips on how to speed up your website on my blog and on my YouTube channel. A speedy website means more visitors to your website!

Number Two: Add your website to Google my business

This is useful particularly if you are a local company. When people search for, say a hairdresser in Leeds, Google will show your business as a local option. It will show a map with all the local options, so you want your business to be on there. It can bump you right to the top of Google search results, increase your website visitors and it’s free!

Number Three: Blog!

I know you’ve heard that a blog is so important but you might be thinking “I do not have time to write an article every week” or “I don’t have time to show up there all of the time”. However, this is the huge blog secret: you don’t have to! Unlike social media, a blog is evergreen content. It will always be there. It used to be that Google would be looking for new content but not anymore. Instead, it wants helpful relevant content! If that helpful content that you wrote two months ago is still relevant, it will still show up in the search results. If that lovely article that you wrote two years ago is still helpful, it will show up in the search results, thus increasing website traffic. The love of a blog goes on and on and the important thing is to remember it’s quality and not quantity. You are on a win-win there because you don’t have to keep rewriting the wheel and churning out content. This is why I love it!

So, if you don’t have a blog get going. You can answer people’s questions about who will come into your business, they will get to experience working with you. They’ll get to experience the information they can get from you. They can really understand what you’re all about. A blog can do so many things for you. If you don’t have a blog then that’s quite a big tip for you to start but most website builders have a blog that you can use straight away. Don’t overthink it, just write something that you know will be helpful for your audience and that will bring in more visitors to your website.

Number four:  Share via your social media platforms

As I said, this is evergreen content! The way that social media works is that not all of your audience sees all of your content every time. So, take snippets from your blog and post them through to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I hate Twitter but you might love it, for Instagram reuse your blog content, again saving time. What will happen is that you will drive more people through, even if you post the same blog that you wrote two years ago. If it’s relevant, people won’t have seen it, they won’t have read it so send them through from your social media. All great for increasing website visitors. It’s the thing that keeps on giving! Always use those links to drive traffic through and don’t assume that people have already seen your brilliant blog content.

Number five: Add interesting images, video and audio files to your post

Again, we’re talking about blogging because it’s the place that people can sneak in through the back door to your website. It’s the place you can give them more information. Adding videos, images and audio files is all looked upon really well by your customers and visitors to your website. People are more likely to read the content if it’s broken up with good images. They’re more likely to stay on your website, they’re more likely to interact with you and then they’re more likely to buy. So, it really does win for getting more visitors to your site and making them stick there. It’s also looked upon as a really good thing by Google because it knows that your customers and your visitors like lots of images. Options to learn from you in different formats is loved by Google so it rewards you for adding them to your blog. It doesn’t have to be a complicated image, graphic or video.

What I do is, take my YouTube videos and create a blog from them. I can imbed my video into my post so that Google sees it and it thinks ‘video fantastic!’. This is particularly good for a how-to post because people watch videos for how-tos. The more types of media you have in your post the better as far as both your visitors are concerned and Google.

Check out this post on finding the best free images for your site!

Number Six: Use more list articles

You know those articles where it’s ‘six ways to get more traffic to your website’ or ‘five ways to get the best boyfriend ever’. Or ‘three ways to train your cat to climb the stairs’ (they don’t need training to climb the stairs do they!). These sorts of list articles with a number in them are proven to be clicked on more in the search results. So even if you aren’t at the top of Google, people are more likely to click through to your article. That can be a really good way to frame your blog post. It’s also easier because it breaks it down, meaning it is better for people to digest and read.

Number Seven: Add share buttons

Having share buttons will mean people will share to their own outlets. You get them to do the work for you and you can have like buttons and share buttons. Also, you can use a great plugin on WordPress which is ‘click to tweet’. This means you can take a little bit of your content and people will tweet it for you. So let them do the sharing if they like your stuff and it’s quite likely that their group of friends or colleagues will too. Meaning an increase in website traffic. So that is a winner and it is very easy to add to your site.

Number Eight: Create a really good advert for the Google search page

When you do a Google search, you will see the ads at the top. Then you might see the local pack or videos and then you get the organic search. Well, you can write that little advert that will get people to click through to your website! You can improve your click-through rate, even if you are lower down on the search results. This is so important to do for every single post that you write because this is what gets people in. It’s no use being at the top of the Google search results if you’ve got a really naff ad so people don’t click on it. What you need is to improve your click-through rating to get people onto your site. Once you get more people onto your site, Google will then know that you’re a really useful article and you will get yourself further up on the search results.

So, writing that little advert is so, so important and I do have a few tips on how to make that clickable. Make sure that it’s relevant to the article. If you’ve done some keyword research, make sure that your keywords are first on the title. Once you’ve got this title, you need something to entice them in. You’ve got a certain amount of characters so make sure you use them well. Entice visitors by letting them know what they are going to get from your article or page and why they should click.  Make sure that compared to everybody else on the search results page, yours seems more clickable. I use WordPress and the YoastSEO plugin and it’s fantastically easy to do. It gives you a little box of where to put both the title and the description and shows you how many words you have left on both so that you don’t overrun. Then, you know you can craft the perfect clickable ad for the Google search page.

There we have it…

Eight really useful quick and easy tips on how to get more website visitors. So, speed up your website and get yourself on Google My Business. Blog away and make sure you get all that blogging goodness to your website. Link from social media, make sure you’re always telling people about what you’re writing about. Add more images, videos and audio files to your post. List articles are fabulous for getting noticed and clicked on. Share your links on your post so that people share to social media and make sure you write a fantastic Google ad!

…and I have one more sneaky tip for you

It’s the secret one because you read all of the way through! The ninth tip is to put some internal links within your posts. We all know that Google loves us linking from other people’s posts but it also likes us linking from within our own blogs. So make sure that, if you’re writing about something you’ve talked about before link through to the other article. It becomes a chain and Google loves this because it sees that you’re giving them relevant information. You have a topic you are an expert in!

If you are loving my posts and if you have got anything out of this one comment below, click like and please share. I will be posting here every week so I would love to see any other suggestions for anything you’d like to hear from me about website marketing. Post below and I always answer.

Kat xx

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