3 tips for a high converting sales page design!

If you struggle with sales page design and selling your amazing products, then this post is for you!

I’m sharing a mini training on how to find the conversion rate for your current sales page and then tell you three ways to transform your sales page so that it does the selling for you.

Are you in? Thought so! 

The first launch I ever did in my business was a mixed bag of panic and fear, jubilation and awe that I had created something that would truly help other entrepreneurs AND who would be happy to pay me money for it!

No, I didn’t get hundreds of sign ups for my little £97 course, but I was amazed that 10 whole people put their trust in me to help them brand and design their website. 

My first online course was born! I was hooked.

BUT I had thrown my offer out there with no real understanding of HOW it would sell and how I could repeat the process, again and again, to scale it up and help more people. And as a result, it never really grew.

I started with a simple web page, a buy now button, a few pics and a mentor who was happy to share with her audience. 

A great start! Simple, easy, quick but missing many of the key ingredients that could have conveyed my message SO much better, shown MORE people how my offer could HELP THEM and could have taken their hand and walked them through the opportunities and possibilities that my offer opened up. 

And every time I launched that programme, I just tried to get it in front of more and more people – which was quite frankly, exhausting.

Can you spot the MASSIVE mistake there?

If you could choose right now, would you rather spend more hours growing an ever bigger audience in the hope they connect, start following you, start engaging with you and perhaps buying from you 

… or would you rather help the crowd you already have around you. The audience that have ALREADY connected, followed, engaged and maybe even bought from you before. 

The latter, right?!

So… how can you CONVERT more of those already invested in you peeps into buying your offer?

Answer: We need to look at your SALES PAGE

We need to understand the number it is converting at NOW and what you need to transform it into a high-converting sales page. 

If this is where you grimace over having to figure out the numbers … no worries, I’ve got you and it’s not difficult. (If you are on a platform like Kajabi or SImplero you’ll have these conversion stats when you look at your marketing dashboard)

1. Just work out how many people visited your sales page last time you launched. If you are on WordPress a quick dive into Google Analytics page report will show you the number.

2. Then find out how many sales you made

3. Divide number of sales by number of sales page visitors and then x100

Hooray! This is your % conversion rate for your sales page.

But what is a GOOD conversion rate?

It really depends on whether you are selling to people who know you (warm leads) or ones you don’t (cold leads) but a good standard is over 2.5% at the very least. The top converters will convert nearer 10%

What did you get?

If your sales page is lurking around the 1% then I bet you are missing out on some of the 15 sales page essentials needed to make it a high-converter. Or, maybe you have all the puzzle pieces, but they are all in the wrong order! 

If this is you, then you’re leaving money on the table.

If this is something you really need to work on but just don’t know how or where to start (which I assume you do, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading)

Here’s how to get started…


3 ways to transform your sales page…

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TIP #1 Define the Results

I know, this might make you feel a little uncomfortable, after all, you’ve spent ages crafting your product. BUT people don’t want to buy your course, they want to buy the result they will get.

The result they can get for a certain price. Customers will buy if they WANT THAT RESULT! They won’t buy if it’s a fluffy, intangible sort of result like ‘live a happy life’ or ‘The get healthy programme’

This is the most important part of your sales page design because you want THAT result, THAT offer to be IRRESISTABLE! 

So, take a good look at your leading section (the bit people see first). Are you selling that result, clearly and unambiguously? Are you painting a picture of what they will get out of working with you? Does it actually seem like a no brainer offer? 


Sometimes it’s hard to get to the bottom of the real results people are searching for as we get all caught up in the how and the what we are going to teach. So let’s play a little game…

  1. Take your very first sentence of copy and ask so what? 
  2. And then ask ‘so what?’ again,
  3. And again
  4. And again … until you get to the heart of what you are REALLY offering.

Now, rewrite your original sentence with THAT result front and centre.

Is THAT result irresistible at the price you are offering?


TIP #2 Make it easy!

It’s amazing how many obstacles we can put in the way of people buying from us. If your sales page design is a loonnnnnng essay that people need to invest time and energy in picking apart they 1. Probably won’t and 2. Won’t focus on the really important parts of your sales page.

You have to guide your customers through your page so they pick up the right bits of information effortlessly. It isn’t a game of who can write the most persuasive words but who can write the least to say the most.

Chunk your sales page copy down into easy to read bites, with each bite having it’s own purpose in guiding them through the page to the big buy button.


TIP #3 Get them to make a decision

Do you have a wish list of things you really would love to buy on Amazon but never have? How would you feel if those items were suddenly soon to be discontinued, or put on sale that ends tomorrow?

You’d need to DECIDE, do I want to buy this or not.

Your sales page design needs to ASK your customers to make a DECISION now. Not in a few weeks, months, years, who knows time, but BY YOUR DEADLINE time. It’s not sleazy or nasty to give them a deadline or a date when the price goes up or the programme closes its doors. 

It’s an opportunity for them to make a choice.

So set a deadline.

Show them the choice they need to make – what would happen if they don’t buy now vs what could happen if they do.


And that’s it!

I hope you are starting to see that the craft of creating a high-converting sales page is not centred around your product, but around what your customer needs. Shouting about your 300 training videos and workbooks is not selling your OFFER.

Let me know if you have found this article helpful – I’d love to know if you utilise any of the tips above and the results you get!

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