How Does Social Media Stunt Your Business Growth?

Unpopular opinion: Spending hours creating disposable content on social media is the worst thing you can do to grow your business.

Everyone tells you, “You need to be constantly visible.” Or “You need to post two, three, ten times a day on all the social media platforms to attract a big following”.

But let me ask you something,

Does everyone that spends hours posting on social media become successful?

Of course not!

There are countless entrepreneurs pumping out a ton of social media content every day and still struggling to attract their ideal customers. Most of them fail to get engagement or make any sales.

It’s quite easy to fall into the trap of believing that the next big social media trend will be the one that will finally help you grow your business. It’s rational to think that posting more and more will finally get you noticed.


Continuing to believe that creating even more content means you’ll eventually attract those paying clients, then you’ll be working twice as hard! You’ll also end up spending less time doing what you love in your business and still have nothing to show for all this hard work you’re putting in.

Creating more and more throw away social media content is clearly NOT the best way to grow your business.

So, how do you grow your business without spending hours creating new but disposable social media content?

Do you know what all the successful online business owners actually do to attract the right audience? Do you know how convert them into paying customers without having to work stupid hard creating for the social media content eating monsters?

They create future-proofed, search-friendly content! These contents don’t just disappear into the ether hours or even minutes after posting. They continue to work for them for years bringing in new prospects, nurturing them and converting them into paying customers.

Successful business owners build their own website marketing machine that isn’t reliant on changing algorithms and trends. They create evergreen contents that attracts new prospects, nurtures trust and intentionally moves them on a journey to buy.

Flourishing entrepreneurs know that to fully take advantage of their content. They need to retain that control over when it’s shown, who it’s shown to, and attract customers who are actively searching for what they offer. Most importantly, investing time in creating long lasting legacy content will not only help grow their business now. It will also continue to build momentum into the future – no matter what the latest trends may be.

So let me ask you,

Do you really want to keep churning out social media content that gets seen by a fraction of the people and doesn’t actually build your business?

Do you want to build a future-proof business with content that will continue to work hard for you for years to come?

If you want to future proof your business, then STOP wasting time creating tons of trendy social media contents!

If you want to learn more about how you can build your own website marketing machine to future proof your business, hop onto a free quick Curiousity Consultation with me!

Kat Reynolds x

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