Website Audit Tips: You Uncover Your Website’s Little Secrets

If your website isn’t growing your business, getting you traffic, leads and sales you need to find out why! A website audit will help you answer the “WHY” and if you want to find out what you need to know without having to wade through a pile of website stats, keep scrolling!

Your website should be running as a successful profit machine for your business. It should be bringing in fresh new audiences, getting you new leads, making you sales, but if it’s not, then it’s time to do a website audit or a website health check. A thorough website audit will help you work out why your website is not working for your business.

Here are 3 very simple ways to can uncover the naughty hidden secrets that is stopping your website from doing its job and grow your business online.

How to do a website audit?

1. Check the Tech

The first thing to look at and monitor on websites is whether the tech is working properly. As part of a website health check to make sure the website is running properly, a quick speed test is a MUST!

Remember when you had enough time to wander off and make a cup of tea whilst the page downloaded? Those days are well and truly over! We now expect a web page to load in under 3 seconds.

Having a slow website will put people off your business before they’ve even landed on your page AND Google knows this. So, your poor website will get penalised by Google and drop in the search rankings. That means fewer people will find you, fewer people will actually connect with your content and far fewer people will buy. Keeping your business stuck.

So, keep an eye on how fast your website is by using this simple online test.

Website Speed Test
This website will test your web pages loading speed on both desktop and mobile.
Website Speed Test Result
Just pop in your website’s URL and it will churn out a few suggestions on how to improve your results. We’re looking for a load time of under 3 seconds so if it’s taking longer than that, you know what to fix.

It’s free and easy. So, no excuses to not do it right now!

2. Look into your website rating

The second thing you need to be checking is your domain authority. This will give you a sneak peek into exactly how Google rates your website and how it will rank you against your competitors. The higher the score, the higher up you’ll be in the search results and the more likely your website will be found by the people who will buy from you.

Consider it a bit of a score card into where your website is right now.

Link Explorer
Hop onto and pop your website’s URL into their link explorer tool. Moz works out your current domain and page authority and comes up with a score from 0 to 100. The higher it is the better but you can also use it to see how well your competitors are doing compared to you so you can judge how much work you have to do to beat them in Google.
Link Explorer Result
Once you have your score you can scroll down on the page to find out some of the ways google is ranking your site. Such as how many great backlinks you have to your website. If your competitors have more links, bigger and better links from more websites with more authority then you can pinch their ideas and work to get some juicy links pointing over to your content too.

3. Discover the web traffic source

The third thing you need to find out in a quick website audit is whether people are finding your site at all. If you’ve no idea if people are even visiting your site or how they are finding you, you can’t hope to increase your sales.

So, how do find out where your website traffic is from? A quick free search in Semrush can give you such valuable information.

You can sign up for a free account and enter your website URL. A quick search will give you an overview of exactly how much traffic you are gaining through google per month. That’s actual people searching for what you sell! And the more of them you can usher onto your website and into your world, the better.

Scroll down a bit further and you’ll see what words people are typing into google to find you. This knowledge is priceless!

Once you have these important, you’ll know what need fixing and can start to get your profit machine actually working for your business. So, try these three simple and easy website audit tips now and start growing your business!

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