Promoting Your Website: Clever Tips That Will Change Your Mind!

There’s plenty of information online you can find about promoting your website. BUT…

Marketing gurus will teach you about complicated SEO strategies; fancy funnel setup; new social media trends which are helpful but are not fixes for your problem. Most of these information are just dangerous distraction from the one thing that really matters – understanding the role of your website to your business.

It’s all about how you think about your website that’s holding you back!

Most website owners build their website like a book. They design the front cover to display everything they think is important about their business. Then add more pages to send people to for information about their products; their services; their mission statement. As their business creates more products or services, they add more and more pages – all linked up to the home page aka the front door.

A website doesn’t just have a front door that everybody will come through.

What most business owners don’t realize is that there are as many opportunities for people to land on your website as there are pages, posts, and products in it. Each of these pages in your website is another opportunity for you to attract more of the right traffic; to create more of the qualified leads; and to make more sales – that could be hundreds of different opportunities to attract visitors to your website!

If you’re just focusing on the home page and you aren’t aware of these opportunities to promote your website, how are you ever going to take advantage of them in promoting your website?

Start looking at your website as having many different doors, windows and cat flaps for people to enter into your world. Through these different doors, you start to open up the possibilities to make better connections with the people who are actively searching for what you do. And you can start to design their journey from a random website visitor to a paying customer.

Building a website is more like constructing a busy hotel with 500 backdoors – each with their own unique theme to appeal to a slightly different clientele.

Promoting your website is hard

So, how can you welcome them at each of your entrances?

1. Connect by using your ideal customer’s language.

Just knowing WHO you want to attract to each part of your website is going to help you build a site that actually connects with that specific audience.

It will help you build a website that gives them what they’re looking for and answers their questions. Start promoting your website and invite them on over to your webpage by copying their language using their own words.

  • Start by getting to know your ideal customer. Finding out what they are actually searching for. Whether you jump onto Google Search to see what people are actually typing in.
  • Talk and engage to your crowd on social media and learn what problems are they trying to solve; what questions are they asking; what words do they use when talking about it. What they are searching for, you can have it waiting behind your “door number one”.
  • Take that one thing you learned about your audience and build your content around it. It may be a page, a blog post or even a product. You can start promoting your website by having each little bit of the website crafted to help a particular type of customer who is searching for a particular thing.

All this information makes the second stage of building a website so much easier because you know who we’ve invited through the door onto our site. If you know what they were searching for when they landed there and what they need from you we can then nurture that relationship and invite them for a tour of the house (or of the website!)

2. Look After Your Website Guests

Don’t leave your guests to fend for themselves once they’ve come through one of your doors. Show them around! Get chatting! Offer them a biscuit!

Whenever you build a new page or post ask yourself, “what is the next step they need to take? what do I have to add in place to guide them to take that next action?” Many would call this a funnel but let’s call it a journey that takes them from A to B.

Whether you get your visitor directly to your website, through your email list, your webinars, discovery calls or even back on social media – it’s all connected. Every communication you make is another touch point that moves them closer to buying from you and your website can sit at the heart of this – guiding people through the journey and nurturing them by giving them what they want at each stage.

So, if they’ve walked through your door, you now need to figure out where they are on their journey. Whether they’re ready to buy; they just want to find the best solution or they need to even be aware that their problem even has a solution. If you’ve figured out what people your page, post or product is attracting, you are one step ahead of knowing what stage they are at and can guide them through to the next stage.

3. Where are they in their buying journey?

Are they at the beginning of their journey?

These people are aware they have a problem but don’t know about you, your products or your offers. They might have typed a question into Google such as, “how can I get my baby to sleep through?” or “how to get rid of stress?” or click through on a shared post in social media.

These people will want to find out more information about their problem and they want to know they’re in the right place. To develop that “know, like and trust” factor of your content, you can also introduce them to a solution. Hence, moving them on to the next stage of the tour which is your solution. Suggesting related posts and well-placed links to more informative contents works well for these guests. Offering them targeted opt-ins that give them a bigger, better answer to their problem are effective too. Just make sure you’re guiding them through to take that next step on your website. It’s all part of the tour!

This is where most website owners fall down because they don’t know why people are finding their website, they have no idea that they may be entering through one of the many back doors onto their site. They don’t even start the tour. They don’t give their visitors the opportunity to take that next step; to take that action and move through the journey with you.

Are they in the middle of their journey?

These people have an inkling that they know what you have to offer and there’s a solution to their problem. They’re actively looking for a solution but they aren’t quite ready to buy yet.

These website visitors need to weigh up the pros and cons of your solution in comparison to others. So at this stage, pack that page full of social proof, testimonials, and case studies. Give them a taster of working with you with a well-placed freebie or point them to take an action and go to a place where they can get that solution.

Are the at the end of their journey?

These people know you and already love your brand. At this stage, you just need to show them where to buy. Just pitch them your products, the price and a big buy here now button!

Once you understand why people are landing on your website and where they are landing, you can start to curate their own personalised tour.

>> You should NOT leave it up to them to find their next step and open their next door.

>> You should NOT leave it to chance that they’ll complete the journey with you and magically buy at the end.

There are so many opportunities to connect, nurture, and convert your website visitors. Make sure you roll out the red carpet no matter what door they open!

Understanding the role of your website in connecting, nurturing and converting your audience we’ll do more for promoting your website and your business than spending thousands on ads or countless hours on social media without getting these things in place. You need to start thinking a little bit differently about how your website can work for your business. Rather than just a static brochure, your website is a marketing tool that can do amazing things for your business growth.

If you’re now thinking – ‘ah, I don’t even know what all the pages on my website DO for my business’ you should hop onto a short call with me (Kat Reynolds) to see what magical opportunities you are missing out on with your current setup. Pop on over and book a FREE curiousity consultation

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